Hiking Climbing Pouch First Aid Kit

Size :
130(L) x 80(W) x 180(H) mm

Weight :
74.5g (empty) / 165g (w/content)

Available colors :

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  • Tow rope with fastener hooks 1pc
  • Booster cables 1pc
  • Safety cables 2pcs
  • Box Safety Matches 1pc
  • Emergency Blanket 1pc
  • Emergency poncho 1pc
  • Electrical Tape 1pc
  • Syphon Pump 1pc
  • Utility Knife Extensible 1pc
  • Leather Palm gloves 1 pair
  • Safety vest Fluorescent 1pc
  • Scissors 5 1/2” 1pc
  • Flashlight 1pc
  • Batteries 1pc
  • Bungi Cord 1m, 1pc
  • Mini First Aid Kit FS003 1pc
  • Tweezers 1pc
  • Elastic Bandage 6cm 1pc
  • Adhesive tape 1.25cm 1pc
  • Safety Pins 4pc
  • Scissor 1pc
  • Mouth to Mouth mask 1pc
  • Long adhesive strip 1pc
  • Wet Tissue Paper (NaCl) 1pc
  • Wet Tissue Paper (Soap) 1pc
  • Adhesive Plasters  5pcs/pkt

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